Rewards Qualification

To qualify for Dexpools rewards, you must stake $DXP in our single sided staking pool or by staking LP tokens emitted from providing liquidity on Uniswap or Netswap for qualifying pairs.

Rewards from staking $DXP include the following:

DetailsSingle Sided StakingLP Token Staking

$DXP Platform Rewards



LP Fees



$DXP emissions



$NETT emissions


Only from providing LP on Netswap

$Metis emissions



Weekly $DXP emission and platform reward rates will be re-evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted every 5 week (35 day) time period.

Single Sided Staking ($DXP)

Users can participate in SSS pools by locking $DXP in staking contracts within the Dexpools application interface.

Stakers will receive two types of rewards:

  • $DXP emissions (see allocations below)

  • Platform rewards (as a percentage of total trading fees)

$DXP owners may choose three separate tiers to stake their token, with longer lock up periods offering much higher rewards.

Unstaking requires an unbonding period equal to the lockup period. You will have to wait for the unbonding period to finalize before unstaking $DXP; no rewards will be issued during the unbonding period.

Note: These rewards are mirrored for $DXP on both Metis and Ethereum.

Lockup PeriodEmissions QualificationWeekly DXP Emissions AvailableWeekly Platform Rewards

1 week

15% of each week's pool


6% of total fees

3 weeks

30% of each week's pool


12% of total fees

6 weeks

55% of each week's pool


18% of total fees

Liquidity Pool Token Staking

By providing liquidity on qualifying DEXs (only Netswap as of now), traders will receive non-transferrable liquidity pool tokens.

LP tokens can be staked for $DXP platform rewards and $DXP emissions - meaning LP providers receive benefits on top of the existing LP fees received on DEXs.

To qualify for LP token rewards, you must provide liquidity on Uniswap (Ethereum) or Netswap (Metis) and stake your LP tokens.

Note: These rewards are mirrored for $DXP on both Metis and Ethereum. $NETT emissions only available on Netswap

Weekly DXP Emissions AvailableWeekly NETT Emissions AvailableWeekly Platform Rewards



4% of trading fees

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